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After working for several years in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in clinical data reporting, we perceived a need to have specialized services offering in this space. With this motive, our founders decided to form Adroit Pharma Consulting company specialized in clinical and health care data analysis and reporting. We are small business registered in the state of New Jersey, USA. Our broader scope of services includes all healthcare and clinical data analytics and data operational related services. With the experience and specialized expertise, we distinguish ourselves with our innovative approaches in assignment, quality services, and cost effectiveness. For more information please look in to our services offering.


Clinical data reviews

Data quality, transparency and traceability assessment.

Statistical programming

Programming for safety and efficacy data and table presentations.

Patient profile report generation

Development and programming for patient’s profiles and narratives.

Visual data analytics

Trend analysis and graphical representation of adverse events and endpoint specific data.

Legacy data conversion

Up-versioning of dictionaries and conversion of data to latest industry data standards.

Safety reviews

Data analysis and reporting support for data monitoring committee.

Case Study

Implementation of OpenMRS system and analysis of healthcare data collected through it.

Objective: Our client needed to implement OpenMRS system modules and in-state a data reporting mechanism which can provide necessary tabulation of healthcare data.

Process Implemented: The key components of process implemented involve the following steps:

Conducted mapping process for language compatibility module in openMRS. This involved mapping of ICD-9 medical codes from Spanish to English. Mapping of code was executed by developing and writing algorithms and software programs.

a) Modification of cohort builder module in openMRS: This involved extensive data mining in the openMRS database for selective identification of patients with specific electronic health records (EHRs)

b) Custom report development based on specific reporting requirements as outlined in the EMR customer base.

c) Batching/windowing of data: This assignment involved categorization and validation of data based on the cohorts defined in EHR reporting requirements.

Adroit Pharma Consulting receives MWBE Certification from State of New Jersey

Thursday, 26th April, 2018

We are pleased to announce the recognition as Minority and Women owned small business (MWBE) enterprise by the state of New Jersey. We are thankful to the state of New Jersey division of revenue for their careful review of and recognition to Adroit Pharma Consulting for this designation.

About Adroit pharma consulting:

Adroit Pharma Consulting is small Business Enterprise in the state of New Jersey. We are specialized in data analytics and related services in health care and Clinical Data Operations. Our core focus is to meet and exceed client’s data operations and analytics needs in a patient centric environment. We offer our clients cost effective solutions to meet their data analytics needs. These solutions can be through execution of stand-alone in-house project, client consultation or meeting such needs through sourcing of skilled resources who can provide adequate solutions to the client.

Services we offer: Clinical data reviews, Statistical programming, Patient profile report generation, Visual data analytics, Legacy data conversion, Safety reviews, Regulatory submission support, efficacy analysis, Conversion of health care data for clinical operation use.

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